Saturday, May 2, 2009

Enviroporn - Fuck for Forest...Come against Coal?

Language warning.

Often observers of the environmental movement comment that 'green needs to be more sexy'. And goodness knows there has been a few attempts - Mark Rastovich is pretty sexy, and some may say the same of Hollywood starlets that spruik dolphins, whales and trees...

And while many of us have may have lost hope, its safe to say that there are people who do give a shit...I'm pleased to tell you that for every person out there that can't get a root, there are roots going into the ground courtesy of some special German and Brazilian friends!

Fuck for Forests is a not for profit porn site where money paid to see fucking in or for forests goes toward reforestation, conservation and planting projects in South America.

This is what they say its all about:
Fuckforforest is a non-profit eco porn organization. FFF is created by people who want to have a exciting experience and a good feeling for protecting nature, having real fun with sex and nudity, not faked, not staged, but impulsive and living. With the help from sexually free people and by showing the beauty of natural love, nudity and sex we wish to direct attention to and collect money for the Earth’s threatened nature. Saving the planet IS sexy!"

I had a quick look, though the design of the site is pretty crap, the pics aren't too bad and I 'liked the links and the forum', in a way that I guess sleazy men say "I buy Playboy for the articles". I didn't quite get why everyone is mega dreadlocked on top and shave to within an inch of their lives down below. Maybe 'hairy activist' is an overused cliche and in Germany and (of course) Brazil, activists wax...a lot!

So, if we can apply the novel and fun lessons of Fuck For Forest to other campaigns what might we call them? Here's a few to start, leave your ideas below!

Because apparently the climate movement just isn't sexy enough...ha!

Thanks Cat.