Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Garage Sale Trail

According to the holy scriptures of the ABS, Australians generate 3.2 million tonnes of solid waste which is 1,629 kilograms of waste per person - that's a lot of junk in mother nature's trunk!

So give the fine lady a hand by not buying new crap and instead picking-up some pre-loved bargains garage sale style.

As part of the Bondi Sizzle Community Festival my good buddy Ben is curating a suburb-wide garage sale called the Garage Sale Trail.

If you (or one of your mates) lives in Bondi, be one of the first 50 to register your sale and get yourself a little bag of goodies. The garage sale with the best name, spunkiest looking host, or coolest outfit will be judged by a celebrity panel and get even better prizes.

Not everyone can live in Bondi, but you can head on over to pick-up some goodies. Think bikes, surfboards, clothes, books, music and mucho mas stuff left over from flighty backpackers and the razzledazzlerati! A map of the sales will be releasesed a few days before the sale on Sunday May 9.

Get along!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Violence + Education = Violucation = The most awesomest thing ever

The Internet is more awesome than Life. 
K-Fed is more less awesome than RPatz.

How odd. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cute design, lovely narrative and great tool.

Check out the site it reminds me a lot of 'The Story of Stuff' in the way it develops a narrative surrounding modes of production but has a slightly more factual and simplistic.

I can't find out much about Jessica Benhar or why she has decided to make the site but it's quite glorious nonetheless.