Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Me likey likey le bikey bikey.

Too many bloody blogs to update and not enough time!

So the bestest thing that I have seen for a little while is the beautiful little tumblr number called "Rides a Bike" ridesabike.tumblr.com - it's a winning formula of glamorous old movie stars on gorgeous old bikes.

No-one is wearing a helmet, and there are tandems, fixies, low-riders, baskets and even cowboys on bikes.

Favourites are Francoise Hardy riding a bike (the socks), Eartha Kitt riding a bike (she's a mega babe), and Ray Watson and Anthony Perkins playing bike polo (hipster value)


Monday, October 11, 2010

So last week...But whose idea was blowing deniers up?

Not sure if this is a culture thing gone wrong, or just poor taste but in retrospect graphically blowing people-up for being climate deniers was probably not such a great move.

I totally agree that this video is totally crass - but then again at the same time it does tap into this dark frustration-induced fantasy that I think lurks just under the surface of every activist.

I would never actually commit violence against another person, but sometimes I bloody do wish I could flick a switch an obliterate the greedy, selfish, unimaginative coal bosses and self-interested dills that keep us in this perpetual state of decline.

The ad rouses some really taboo and uncomfortable ethical questions, like: Is it worse to let people die a very slow and painful death due to climate change-induced famine? If you could get rid of a handful of deniers to save the majority of the world's population, would you? Is allowing temperatures to rise (and consequent evacuations of entire islands) another form of genocide or cultural imperialism?

I don't know.

And I don't like the ad. But I'm grateful that it makes us ask some really interesting questions.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imagine what's in this Garage

So the project I'm most excited about at the moment is The Garage Sale Trail which I'm working on with my good mates Daz, Benny & AV.

As well as being an awesome sustainability initiative, there's something slightly voyeuristic about rummaging through other people's stuff. I like looking interesting things and imagining who bought them, where they were made, how they were loved and where they'll fit into my life.

With my eye on the Garage Sale Trail, I've found myself stopping in the street taking photos of hoards of junk lying on nature strips, eyeing-off garages - like the one above, and seriously considering whether one day Malls will become redundant ( hope so!).

So  I'm hoping that this project will shift culture toward an anti-new style movement.


Monday, August 23, 2010

Dear Pluto...An ode to slow fashion.

So Dear Pluto,

I would like to thank you for your rummaging, picking, and preening through cast-offs to give me some lovely old things to look at and choose.

Because it makes me sad that so much new 'stuff' is created every day, especially when there are so many old things that are just as fine and already proven to withstand the test of time.

I'm bored of the hurried, stock-standard, one-size-fits-all, kiddie-hurting fashion and fickle trends - I'm over the 'same'.

So, Dear Pluto. I'm really looking to coming and checking you out at your new home on Wilshire St, and hope to see all my friends there too.


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

It's been awhile

Yes, yes it has. Quite possibly the most intense three weeks of my life! But why bamaboozle with all at once? Instead keep checking-in and I'll drip feed you the best of what's been going on bit-by-bit.

But firstly, 'Collaborative Consumption, The Story of Stuff and the responsibility of waste now seems to be back in vogue and doing the social media rounds.

Yet decision makers seem to be doing diddly squat about it (If I'm wrong please, please shoot me back an example). Mac are a big offender but by no means the worst, for me the problem is much closer to home - the cafe next door still insist on serving my vege lasagne and salad in polystyrene.

We're working on it.

In the meantime, here's a little treat from Leyla. Beautful to look at, but would love to see a little more instruction on what the bloody hell we're meant to do about it. How do I make sure my phone and 'stuff' in general can be re-used.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Visualising the BP Oil Spill

This is R I D I C U L O U S!!! It's only after actually being able to see you realise how epically huge this thing is! http://www.ifitwasmyhome.com/

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Who needs the unions, we got facebook.

 Unions are not only powerful but incredibly useful right? Wrong.

While some glorify and romanticise the woebegone days of the MUA, it's likely that if  you belong to Gen Y unions are little more than a quaint idea. Having worked in random cafes and restaurants on and off since I was 16 (I'm now 26), I've had my fair share of crappy experiences, the unions may have been able to help, but info seems hard to access, expensive and complicated. In a perfect world, these are some of my union fantasies:

 1. You boss cops a feel when you're behind the bar trying to dry glasses - you tell the union, they give your boss a ball-numbing wedgy and find you a new job.

2. You haven't been paid for three weeks, you send a txty to your union they come straight over, walk up to the till, take out your cash and stamp on your bosses foot on the way out.

3. You're getting paid cash ($7 per hour) to supplement your meagre Centrelink income, the union is ok with this and haggles the price up to a whole $10! Not only that, but they do all of your Centrelink paperwork and make you a coffee while you wait.

It's likely that unions will never turn these fantasies into reality, but it begs a bigger question - are unions even relevant to young people?

Taking matters into their own hands, Gen Y are using social media to look after eachother and dob in crappy bosses.

This here Facebook Group,  the Bad Boss Blacklist: Sydney Casual Worker Information Sharing List is well overdue and something that unions would be wise to support.

Basically, you join and get to dob-in all of the crappy bosses. Already Cinque Cafe and Wheat Cafe, the Randwick stables have had a bad wrap as have Crazy Horse - naming and shaming not only warns of where not to work, but also lets people know which businesses pay casual workers decent wages, and who don't giving them the change to boycott should they care to.

Complaints on the Bad Boss list range from pure racism, unfair cash rates and huge staff turnover to advice on what casual workers should ask before accepting a job. Though the group not without its problems (potential libel, further bullying, privacy etc.), the use of social media to protect young people from exploitation is not only relevant but entirely overdue.

So perhaps its time for unions to enter the brave new world of social media and reclaim their relevancy?

Saturday, April 24, 2010

The Garage Sale Trail

According to the holy scriptures of the ABS, Australians generate 3.2 million tonnes of solid waste which is 1,629 kilograms of waste per person - that's a lot of junk in mother nature's trunk!

So give the fine lady a hand by not buying new crap and instead picking-up some pre-loved bargains garage sale style.

As part of the Bondi Sizzle Community Festival my good buddy Ben is curating a suburb-wide garage sale called the Garage Sale Trail.

If you (or one of your mates) lives in Bondi, be one of the first 50 to register your sale and get yourself a little bag of goodies. The garage sale with the best name, spunkiest looking host, or coolest outfit will be judged by a celebrity panel and get even better prizes.

Not everyone can live in Bondi, but you can head on over to pick-up some goodies. Think bikes, surfboards, clothes, books, music and mucho mas stuff left over from flighty backpackers and the razzledazzlerati! A map of the sales will be releasesed a few days before the sale on Sunday May 9.

Get along!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Violence + Education = Violucation = The most awesomest thing ever

The Internet is more awesome than Life. 
K-Fed is more less awesome than RPatz.

How odd. 

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Cute design, lovely narrative and great tool.

Check out the site http://www.behindthestuff.com/ it reminds me a lot of 'The Story of Stuff' in the way it develops a narrative surrounding modes of production but has a slightly more factual and simplistic.

I can't find out much about Jessica Benhar or why she has decided to make the site but it's quite glorious nonetheless.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Designers (almost) pull their head outta their...

In jest, in jest. Designers are glorious, even more so when their heads are thinking about other peoples' arses.

I'm talking about the PeePoople. Seriously. According to their site, 6.2 billion people don't have access to sanitation, it's a huge issue in developing countries where this gadget is a lifesaver.

So how does it work?

Well you peepoo into a bag, close the bag and bury it. The bag biodegrades and it's contents turn into fertiliser. You can use it chamberpot, or just straight into the bag. It doesn't require water for sanitation - which is all very well and good.

So....Closer to home. I'm thinking this will revolutionise festivals, bush walks, and when you housemate spends too long in the bathroom and you're busting for your morning 'rush'.

The possibilities for the peepoople are as endless as the poo, wee and bottom jokes (that I am desperately trying show restraint with).

So thank you whoever designed this, I can only imagine the product testing and research phases (sorry).

Oh, oh and let's not forget the 'Go-Girl' my first favourite wee invention, for women who "Don't take life sitting down"

Monday, February 1, 2010

Four excellent things to do in the next two weeks

I must becoming 'Sydney'. Because where previously I would always defend Melbourne as the epicentre of cool and interesting, now - not so much.

Not in the least because having just looked at my diary, I have four excellent, excellent things to do (yeah, well organise - kinda) in the next two weeks.

So in the nicest possible way, up yours Melbourne! Us 'special' kids up north are doing it even though if it means all of a sudden I have this weird dual-state personality thing and don't really know where my loyalties lie (those who have ever swapped football teams have an inkling of how I may been feeling).

Here's what's on.

GreenUps - TONIGHT

Green drinking for green thinking. It's the kick-of event for this year, come old, come new and find out about all GreenUps plots being hatched for the coming year.

The Falconer Cafe, Oxford St Paddington (near the corner of Riley St, head toward the park).

6pm till late


2. Karaoke for arrested elves THIS FRIDAY

In December last year, a troupe of merry Carbon Trading Elves celebrated an early Christmas with carbon trading profiteers, singing carols at corporate offices including Merrill Lynch and Macquarie Bank. Unfortunately our friends at the NSW police showed a distinct lack of holiday spirit, and now Holly, JP and Rachel are facing costly court cases.

What better way to support our carollers than to raise your voice in all its tuneless glory? Come along to our karaoke fundraiser, knock back some beers, and take on that torch song you’ve always sung in the shower…

Friday, 5th February


The Workshop, 16 Sloane St, Newtown

(Map here: http://maps.google.com/maps?f=q&source=s_q&hl=en&geocode=&q=16+sloane+st+newtown&ie=UTF8&hq=&hnear=16+Sloane+St,+Newtown+New+South+Wales+2042,+Australia&z=16)

$5+ suggested donation

Drinks and some snacks available

2. Launch of the Kitchen & Garden Project - THIS SATURDAY

Carriageworks Kitchen Garden Project is a series of free community activites and workshops based on the notion of creative sustainability .

Guest speakers include Michael Mobbs and Robyn Williams. There'll be a bunch of stalls with all the latest in lovely organic food, plants and Sydney community gardening shenanigans.

Saturday February 6,


Carriageworks, Eveleigh Street Redfern.


3. Reclaim the Lanes - NEXT SATURDAY

Grab your bike and join the roving street party to reclaim Newtown's lanes. Bands, installations and art along the way.

Begins at the Hub at 2pm

Saturday February 13.



4. Angel Street Valentine's Day Soiree - NEXT SUNDAY

Walked past a zillion times but never stuck your head in? Well here's your golden opportunity to drag your Valentine (or friend or Mum or kids) away for a day of music, gardening, workshops and yummy food.

There'll be Permablitz Speed-dating, workshops, solar-powered music (the Sunchasers), yumbo food and wormies.

Sunday February 14,

9am till 4pm

Angel Street Newtown, behind the Newtown Performing Arts High School

Free. Bring hats, sunscreen, water, and gloves.

Glory be bikes, worms, veggies, food and sunshine - get amongst it kids!

GreenUps tonight.

If you haven't yet been, then you're either really, really, really lazy or live in another state.

As part of the committee (with Liane, KB, Phil, Alistair, Dave & Ben), I'm a bit excited about what's in store for this year. We have some slick new venues and spaces, and as always are super keen to find out what you want from the thang.

GreenUps is the Sydney incantation of Green Drink International. It's a monthly get-together of sustainability-minded or curious folks to have a chat, find opportunities to collaborate and fall in love (and while this in not a formal objective of GreenUps, it seems to happen often).

So, it's the first Tuesday of the month. (TONIGHT)


At the Falconer, on Oxford st (near Riley, turn left toward to park).

Starts at 6 till late.


Here are the links



Thursday, January 28, 2010