Saturday, June 13, 2009

Whose idea was hightide heels?

Belgian artist Paul Schietekat, heels crossed with flippers, its odd but not as odd as some of the commentary on them in fashion blogs where some are saying, "I think Posh Spice should adopt this style, she almost always wears heels", here's hoping someone's taking the piss.

Anyways weird and wonderful - perhaps an interesting take on adaptation and how unprepared we really are? As a commentary on climate change I think itcan work. The concept of linking an well-known sexualised icon with something that is practical and quickly identifiable with the sea and it rising is a strong one. It could also make quite a direct red carpet statement should a Hollywood starlet (or perhaps Eco Warrior Miranda Kerr) were brave enough to ditch the Jimmy Choos and instead struggle walking in these babies. Maybe as a reference to people who are going to be struggling to keep their homes. Hmmmm...

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