Monday, February 1, 2010

GreenUps tonight.

If you haven't yet been, then you're either really, really, really lazy or live in another state.

As part of the committee (with Liane, KB, Phil, Alistair, Dave & Ben), I'm a bit excited about what's in store for this year. We have some slick new venues and spaces, and as always are super keen to find out what you want from the thang.

GreenUps is the Sydney incantation of Green Drink International. It's a monthly get-together of sustainability-minded or curious folks to have a chat, find opportunities to collaborate and fall in love (and while this in not a formal objective of GreenUps, it seems to happen often).

So, it's the first Tuesday of the month. (TONIGHT)

At the Falconer, on Oxford st (near Riley, turn left toward to park).

Starts at 6 till late.


Here are the links

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