Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Imagine what's in this Garage

So the project I'm most excited about at the moment is The Garage Sale Trail which I'm working on with my good mates Daz, Benny & AV.

As well as being an awesome sustainability initiative, there's something slightly voyeuristic about rummaging through other people's stuff. I like looking interesting things and imagining who bought them, where they were made, how they were loved and where they'll fit into my life.

With my eye on the Garage Sale Trail, I've found myself stopping in the street taking photos of hoards of junk lying on nature strips, eyeing-off garages - like the one above, and seriously considering whether one day Malls will become redundant ( hope so!).

So  I'm hoping that this project will shift culture toward an anti-new style movement.



  1. I love the color of this house!
    It pops and stands out from all the other houses which is totally awesome!

  2. Amazing right? It was like something from Edward Scissorhands was dumped bang smack in the middle of all of this rainforest - quite surreal. I imgine the owners to be Boris and Dora and have incredible picnic sets :)