Monday, October 11, 2010

So last week...But whose idea was blowing deniers up?

Not sure if this is a culture thing gone wrong, or just poor taste but in retrospect graphically blowing people-up for being climate deniers was probably not such a great move.

I totally agree that this video is totally crass - but then again at the same time it does tap into this dark frustration-induced fantasy that I think lurks just under the surface of every activist.

I would never actually commit violence against another person, but sometimes I bloody do wish I could flick a switch an obliterate the greedy, selfish, unimaginative coal bosses and self-interested dills that keep us in this perpetual state of decline.

The ad rouses some really taboo and uncomfortable ethical questions, like: Is it worse to let people die a very slow and painful death due to climate change-induced famine? If you could get rid of a handful of deniers to save the majority of the world's population, would you? Is allowing temperatures to rise (and consequent evacuations of entire islands) another form of genocide or cultural imperialism?

I don't know.

And I don't like the ad. But I'm grateful that it makes us ask some really interesting questions.

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  1. But do you think it's funny? Does anyone? I just stopped it at the first explosion - holy shit! YUCK!

    WTF was 10:10 thinking? The only thing I can think of is that youngsters raised on... what is it... [insert graphically violent video game shoot-em-up here] are inured to video gore and just laugh. Is that it?