Friday, February 10, 2012

Cool vintage kid stuff.

My friend Emma has a really, really, really cool vintage shop called Dear Pluto however it doesn't seem as if reproduction has yet hit the first wave of Surry Hills hipsters so unfortunately she doesn't have much vintage kid stuff in her shop.

However, a friend of Emma's put me onto this fairly awesome kid's market where you can buy a bunch of second hand toys, clothes and furniture and stuff.  

The next market in the Sydney area on March 25 at Five Dock, but they happen all the time - here is the info 

Emma's friends advice was:

"As I mentioned to you, its not only clothes and toys being sold there....she'll find everything from prams, to car seats, to rockers and more. The only thing is, she'll need to get there very early (i.e. right on opening) in order to get the good stuff!"

Ok good - so I'll be the size of a massive person by then (the kid is due the week after) so I'll either play it up enormously or send in old m8 to do the dirty work. 

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