Tuesday, February 7, 2012

First Scores!!!

So last time, I showed you the email I sent around.

It works. Beggars can not only be choosers, but also get more than they bargained for - without having to bargain, or even pay at all. 

Very good. 

This loot is from my friend Justin. He literally had a whole load of toys and clothes that he was ready to give to the Salvos and before he did I took a bagful, and breaking my own rules (the whole, be specific lest you get bags of more stuff rule), I took two of clothes. 

These were the winners. 

As you can see heaps of onesies, cotton singlets and the like. 

And these were the ones that Jimmy's Dad said 'No' to. 

I'm no Victoria Beckham so personally I don't give a rats if my 4 week old kid is wearing Christmas clothes in May and I quite like dinosaurs, but her Dad said that we couldn't keep these ones, especially the 'I'm a Princess' one. 

Fair call. 

So these ones will go onto Swap it Baby. 

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  1. Those aren't just adorable, they are also AWESOME!